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24-Hour Community Streamer Spotlight

November 7, 2017

Hand of the Gods now has a 24-hour stream available on the Official Hand of the Gods Twitch channel! This means that at any time of day or night, you will be able to watch some of your favorite HotG streamers wield the powers of the gods!

Our current lineup features over 15 streamers from all around the world!

Time (EDT) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1am-4am Wheeul Wheeul Wheeul Fumbles007 Fumbles007
4am-7am birlibis birlibis birlibis birlibis birlibis
7am-10am Bubbles Bubbles ItsSquilly Zambrak Pøùps
10am-1pm LeTigress Melynx LeTigress Melynx HiRezJNash
1pm-4pm propandaplays propandaplays propandaplays propandaplays HiRezAdanas
4pm-7pm earlmeister earlmeister earlmeister earlmeister earlmeister
7pm-10pm AComcastEmployee Naut Naut Naut
10pm-1am ShifuoftheCards Shifuofthecards Shifuofthecards Cutenoob18 Cutenoob18

In starting this 24-hour stream, we hope to support community streamers and showcase the diverse playstyles and game modes in Hand of the Gods. If you like our streamers, be sure to follow their personal channels and help them grow! Currently, weekends are being kept empty to leave the channel open for the Hi-Rez Qualifiers and other tournaments!

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and continue to play Hand of the Gods! Be sure to link your Twitch and Hi-Rez Accounts to obtain Legendary Loot Drops as you watch! If you want to get more involved in the HotG community, please join the official Discord server!

If you are interested in becoming an Official Hand of the Gods streamer, fear not! In a month or two, we will open up the application process to expand upon what we have started here. Even if you’re not on the official stream, we want to support our community! Feel free to fill out our Content Creator Form to apply for giveaway codes for your viewers!


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