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Black Friday Sale

November 22, 2017

Black Friday Deal

Start the Holidays early with our Black Friday Founder’s Pack Deal on PC! Players can enjoy 33% off the Founder’s Pack from Wednesday, November 22nd until Sunday, November 26th. This deal will only be available on PC and will not apply to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Regular Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $13.39

In Hand of the Gods, you’ll receive:

  • 15 Core Card Packs, with 5 Cards per Pack
  • Legendary God Cards Enyo, Poseidon, Isis and Freya
  • Beta Limited Founder’s Icon
  • Beta Limited Founder’s Card Back

Plus, you’ll unlock this bonus content in SMITE:

  • Exclusive Enyo Bellona Skin
  • Exclusive Hand of the Gods Loading Frame