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CB 0.17 Patch Notes - When in Rome

March 22, 2017

What’s New?!

New Deckbuilder

  • The Collection Menu has received a visual overhaul, making it easier to view your collection and create decks!
  • This is the first pass on deck builder, and we will be adding more features such as filters and mana curve in future updates.

New Card Frame Designs

  • We have visually overhauled all of our Card Frames to be more unified across all Pantheons and the Neutral Set.

Status Effects Icons

  • Added red iconography next to health bars to indicate negative status effects: Stun, Root, Banish
  • Added white iconography next to health bars to indicate positive benefits your units are receiving: Guard, General Auras, Immunities, Afterlife, Triggered Effects, and Protect.

Spectator Mode!

  • CB 0.17 will introduce a limited Spectator Mode available to a select group of users who host SMITE Tactics Tournaments. This is version 1 of our Spectator mode and we will be adding more features in the future, as well as making it available to everyone.

Rome is Here!

CB 0.17 introduces the Roman Pantheon into SMITE Tactics.

Roman Leader

  • Bellona
    • Leader, 1/25, Ability: 2 Mana, Give all Friendlies you deploy this turn +0/+2.

Roman Units

  • Accensus
    • Common, 3 Mana, 3/3, If adjacent to a Friendly, attacks hit all adjacent Enemies.
  • Ballista Tower
    • Free, 2 Mana, 0/5, Warcry: Choose an Area to attack. The tower attacks this area at the start of each of your turns.
  • Cupid
    • Free, 4 Mana, 4/2, Warcry: Choose a Non-Leader Enemy. When Cupid dies the target Enemy will also die.
  • Gallus
    • Rare, 4 Mana, 1/6, All adjacent Friendlies gain Immune: Enemy Spells.
  • Gladiator
    • Rare, 4 Mana, 4/4, Your Leader Ability costs 1 less while this unit is in play. This does not stack.
  • Hercules
    • Free, 5 Mana,  2/8, Gains +1 Attack every time he is Damaged.
  • Mercenary
    • Legendary, 1 Mana, 1/1 with Charge. Passive: Gains +1/+1 for every Friendly adjacent to your Leader.
  • Sagittarius
    • Epic, 5 Mana, 2/3, Ranged, Warcry: Spawn a random Roman with cost 3 or less.
  • Terra
    • Rare, 6 Mana, 6/6, Warcry: Select a Row. Deal 2 and Stun all enemies on that row at the start of your next turn.
  • Thracian
    • Free, 2 Mana, 1/3, Gains +1/+0 if adjacent to 1 or more Friendlies.
  • Venator
    • Free, 3 Mana, 3/2, Ranged, If adjacent to a Friendly, Venator takes no return damage.

Roman Spells

  • Armaments
    • Common, 3 Mana, Draw Cards until you have the same number as your opponent.
  • Bulwark
    • Common, 2 Mana, Give your Leader Guard until your next turn.
  • Demoralize
    • Free, 2 Mana, Reduce the Attack of all Enemies by 2 until your next turn.
  • Dishonorable
    • Common, 1 Mana, Deal 2 Damage to all Enemies who are not adjacent to other enemies.
  • Enlist
    • Epic, 5 Mana, Deal 3 Damage to a Non-Leader Enemy and spawn a Venator.
  • March
    • Free, 2 Mana, All Romans gain +2 Movements and +1/+0 until the end of your turn.
  • Promote
    • Free, 3 Mana, Give +0/+2 to all Friendlies in Target Area.



  • The duplicate God rule has been removed. You can now have 2 of the same God in play at the same time! Playing a God will no longer heal a God of the same name that is already in play.

Daily Quests

  • This patch we have improved the way we display Daily Quests. Now when you login you will be presented with all four of your Daily Quests at once!


  • No longer are triggered when units are spawned. This includes spells such as Ritual Tribute and Book of the Dead.

Leader Unit Circles

  • Leader unit circles are now stars to better indicate who your leader is.



  • Freya
    • Increased Health from 20 to 25.
  • Guan Yu
    • Increased Health from 20 to 25.
  • Isis
    • Increased Health from 18 to 23.
  • Nu Wa
    • Reduced Mana Cost of her ability from 2 to 1.
    • She can now only target one tile with her ability.
    • Increased Health from 18 to 23.
  • Odin
    • Increased Health from 20 to 25.
  • Poseidon
    • Increased Health from 20 to 25.
  • Ra
    • Increased Health from 18 to 23.
  • Zeus
    • Increased Health from 18 to 23.

Units and Spells

  • Bastet
    • Reduced health from 3 to 2.
  • Bull Demon King
    • Increased Health from 5 to 6.
  • Chan’ge
    • Heal reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Fanwei
    • Reduced Attack from 5 to 4.
    • Reduced Health from 3 to 2.
    • New Passive: Immune: Enemy Spells.
  • Fire Imp
    • Increased Mana Cost from 1 to 2.
  • Fist of the Gods
    • Increased Mana Cost from 0 to 1.
  • Khepri
    • Reduced Health from 7 to 6.
  • Magma Slam
    • Increased Mana Cost from 2 to 3.
  • Scion of Doom
    • Can no longer target Leaders with his Warcry.
  • Stone of Gaia
    • Reduced Mana Cost from 4 to 3.
  • Weakening Curse
    • Reduced Mana Cost from 1 to 0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where spamming certain actions would cause effects to occur more than the intended number of times.
  • Fixed an issue with fatigue damage not ramping up.
  • Fixed a few issues with Silence not removing certain effects.
  • Fixed an issue with Dying Wish where it could draw a card when used on a 0 Attack Unit.
  • Fixed an issue with some Non-Gods counting as Gods for Judgement.
  • Fixed an issue With Serqet where she could deal return damage twice when killed with Scarab’s Blessing.
  • Fixed an issue where Weakening Curse was not reducing return damage to 0.
  • Fixed an issue with Bastet where she would not spawn cats if she died a second time after being resurrected with Scarab’s Blessing.
  • Fixed an issue with Cleave damage being mitigated if the primary target has Protect X. The damage will now be unmitigated for any affected unit without Protect X.
  • Fixed an Issue with Hades Warcry leaving the root effect at the initial location instead of staying on the rooted unit.
  • Fixed an issue where units spawned via Afterlife would show an incorrect mana value while in play.
  • Fixed an issue where cleave damage would not hit Clay Soldier or Urns on the Egyptian map.
  • Fixed an issue where Thanatos could be on the same tile as another unit in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the Silence Card text.

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