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CB 0.18 Patch Notes - Summon and Command

April 17, 2017

What’s New?!

Core gameplay changes!

SMITE Tactics Core game mode has seen significant changes this patch. We have introduced Summoning Stones to both sides of the board as the main objective. Build your deck and march your Divine Army forward to destroy the opponents Summoning Stones, while being mindful to protect your own!

  • Players are able to deploy units around their Leader or their Summoning Stones.
  • If your Leader dies he will be returned to your hand, and your Leader Ability will be disabled. You will be able to deploy your Leader around one of your Summoning Stones for 4 Mana, but the cost will increase by 1 Mana each time your Leader dies.When your Leader dies you no longer have access to your Leader’s ability unless you redeploy him to the battlefield.
  • There is currently four categories in our game: Structures (Summoning Stones/Enyo Flag), Leaders, Spells, and Units which consist of Beasts, Minions, and Gods.

New Card Art

  • Chaos Spawn


  • Doom Speaker


  • Scion of Doom


  • Oogway


Leader Changes

  • All Leader abilities now cost 2 Mana.
  • Bellona
    • 1/8, Give all Friendlies that enter the Battlefield this turn +0/+2.
  • Freya
    • 1/8, Banish an Enemy unit until your next turn.
  • Guan Yu
    • 1/8, Add a crescent blade to your Hand.
  • Isis
    • 1/6, Return a random Friendly Unit with Afterlife that died this turn to your hand.
  • Nu wa
    • 1/6, Give a Friendly Beast +1/+1.
  • Odin
    • 1/8, Give a Friendly +1/+1 until your next turn.
  • Poseidon
    • 1/8, Place a Whirlpool on an Enemy, that Enemy can’t move next turn.
  • Ra
    • 1/6, Restore 2 Health to a Friendly.
  • Zeus
    • 1/6, Give a Friendly Protect 1 until the start of your next turn.

New Cards

  • Arcane Conduit (Chinese)
    • Rare, 3 Mana, Friendly Summoning Stones now deal 2 Damage to adjacent Enemies when you play a Spell.
  • Siege (Norse)
    • Rare, 3 Mana, All Friendlies gain +2 Attack when attacking Summoning Stones.
  • Solar Sanctum (Egyptian)
    • Rare, 3 Mana, Heal all Friendlies  that are adjacent to a Summoning Stone by 2.
  • Reconstruct (Roman)
    • Epic, 2 Mana, If you control 2 or more units rebuild a Summoning Stone that has been destroyed.


We have adjusted some of our card text for clarity on what they can target or affect.

  • If a card reads, “Deal 3 Damage” this card is able to target anything on the board. This includes: Friendly Summoning Stones, Friendly units, Friendly Leaders, Enemy Summoning Stones, Enemy Units, and Enemy Leaders.
  • If a card reads, “Deal 3 Damage to an Enemy” this card is able to target anything that is an Enemy. This includes: Enemy Summoning Stones, Enemy Leaders, and Enemy Units.
  • If a card reads, “Deal 3 Damage to a Unit” this card is able to target any unit. This includes: Friendly Units and Enemy Units.
  • If a card reads, “Deal 3 Damage to a Leader” this card is only able to target Leaders. This would include Friendly and Enemy Leaders.
  • If a card reads, “Teleport a Leader or Unit anywhere on the battlefield” this card can move anything on the board minus Summoning Stones.  
  • If a card reads, “Target a Friendly” this card can target Friendly Summoning Stones, Leaders, or Units.


  • Guard will now only apply to Summoning Stones and Leaders.


  • Ao Kuang
    • Health increased from 5 to 6
    • New Passive: Friendly Spells deal +1 Damage.
  • Anubis
    • Warcry: Deal 3 Damage and Root all enemies in Target Area.
  • Ares
    • Ares’s Warcry is now Global.
  • Athena
    • Damage increased from 2 to 3
    • No longer has Guard.
    • New Warcry: Teleport anywhere on the map and Deal 2 Damage to all adjacent Enemies.
  • Basilisk
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Brute
    • Attack increased from 1 to 2
  • Bull Demon King
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Celestial Armor
    • Give a Friendly Summoning Stone Immune: Damage until the start of your next turn.
  • Chaofeng
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
    • Attack reduced from 4 to 3
    • Health increased from 3 to 4
    • No longer has Immune: Melee
    • Now has Guard.
  • Coerce
    • Mana Cost increased from 3 to 4.
    • Now affects all Friendly Units.
  • Cursed Hunters
    • Now spawns 3 1/1s
  • Deathbringer
    • Can now target Leaders.
  • Elder Harpy
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Evolve
    • Additional Beasts added to the card pool.
  • FanWei
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Fury
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Gungnir’s Might
    • Now gives +2/+0
  • Fire Giant
    • Global Aura for GUARD.
  • Focused Blast
    • Deal 2 Damage to an Enemy then Heal a Friendly for 3.
  • Hercules
    • Now Gains +2 Attack every time he is damaged.
  • Kaldr
    • Now gains +1/+1 when Skadi is in play.
  • Kang
    • Has been reclassified as a Beast Unit type
  • Osiris
    • New Passive: Costs 1 Less for each Friendly that died this turn.
    • Mana Cost increased from 6 to 7.
  • Minion Recruiter
    • Now called “Recruiter”
    • Mana cost increased from 3 to 4
    • Can now target all Unit types.
  • Rushing Thunder
    • Mana Cost reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Sagittarius
    • Mana Cost reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Scion of Doom
    • Can now target Units and Leaders
    • Now gives +1/+0
  • Sobek
    • New Passive: Gains +1/+1 when a Friendly is Healed.
  • Sol
    • No longer has Stealth
    • Now has Charge.
  • Steropes
    • Common, 2 Mana, 1/3, Guard.
  • Tomb Warden
    • Movement increased from 1 to 2
  • White Tiger
    • Health reduced from 3 to 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Demoralize would not stack.
  • Fixed an issue where turn order could get messed up due to lag.
  • Fixed an issue where killing Cupid with Thanatos Warcry would not trigger Cupid’s Passive.
  • Fixed an issue where Bellona’s ability could be applied to Enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Friendly Clay Soldiers could be affected by some Friendly Spells.
  • Fixed an issue where Clay Soldier Damage would occur in wrong location when knocked back.
  • Fixed an issue where Shell would reduce the effect of Nemesis Warcry.
  • Fixed an issue where Ritual Tribute would not spawn duplicate gods.
  • Fixed an issue where Discord would not trigger Imperial Archer passive.
  • Fixed an issue where Book of Thoth would sometimes not discover 3 cards.
  • Fixed an issue where Kang could be hit by Sol’s AOE.
  • Fixed an issue where Dishonorable would not hit Units next to a Unit that had been turned to stone.
  • Fixed an Issue where Geb’s Warcry would not remove Gem of Isolation.
  • Fixed an issue where Jade Boon was causing targets to count as Beasts.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the “Your Turn” banner could cause you to play cards from hand (Hooray!)

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