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Control The Game - Player Power Survey

October 27, 2017

YOU have the power! Over the next week we will be running a Player Power Survey across all platforms on general gameplay and balance inside Hand of the Gods. We highly value community feedback, especially during our early Open Beta periods, and want to give players the power to help shape the game.

 The first question of the survey asks which card needs to be nerfed or removed the most, and based on your feedback we’ll do just that! The top voted card will receive a change, and other top offenders will be heavily looked at for changes in future updates.

Players may also fill out the email attached to their Hi-Rez Account to receive a free Bonus Pack for participating in the Survey. So get to voting and fill out the Player Power Survey by clicking HERE.

We hope that you are enjoying the Hand of the Gods Beta. Be sure to also share your feedback on our TwitterFacebook, official Discord server, or our Forums!



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