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Echang and Meziljie Strike First

November 1, 2017

The Hand of the Gods Hi-Rez Expo qualifiers started this passed weekend, and the turnout did not disappoint. Over 100 players, both new and old, set themselves up to fight for a guaranteed spot for the $50,000 Founder’s Tournament held at HRX. Two champions walked away, securing their flight to Hi-Rez Expo this January to compete in the $50,000 Founder’s Tournament.

There’s still four more qualifiers still to go, and players can register below:

Hi-Rez Expo Qualifier #3

Hi-Rez Expo Qualifier #4

Qualifier #1 Champion: echang

Hi-Rez Expo Qualifier #1 Bracket

Saturday saw echang crowned as the first champion after falling in the fourth round of the Winner’s Bracket, defeating seven opponents in a row to make a run at the Grand Finals.

With over 100 players put into the double elimination bracket, the first couple rounds saw familiar names from past tournaments fall to the Losers Bracket early. Such players we see fall would be Beelzeboul, Stoof, Cull, Kenneth, and birlibis among others. It was a newer face, IncognitoD, who managed to survive the Winners Bracket, taking down some of the top competitors in Bubbles, Mowglie, Junaru, Baconator2245 and finally Myth|Unscathed in the Winners Finals.

Knocked down in round 4 of the winners bracket, echang made a true endurance testing run. Facing off against several well known players, echang fought for hours in the lower bracket, pushing further and further until finding himself against Unscathed in the loser’s Finals.It was not an easy victory, but echang managed to come out with the 2-0 over Unscathed to return to the Grand Finals. After hours of work in the lower bracket, echang managed to topple IncognitoD after resetting the bracket, taking both sets 2-1.

Echang shows that double elimination can be helpful and that if you can put your will to it, hours of play can be rewarded. Now knowing 2 of the players attending HRX for the tournament, we can already see the strength of the competition as other players have a few remaining chances to guarantee themselves a spot. With echang out of the mix until then, the door is open and the lights are raised for other players to step in and shine through with the remaining tournaments.

Qualifier #2 Champion: Meziljie

Hi-Rez Expo Qualifier #2 Bracket
Sunday, Meziljie tore his way through a hefty double-elimination bracket to secure his spot on the plane from Europe to Atlanta this January.

The winner’s bracket finals featured a battle between Meziljie, a player whose reputation has escalated within the past month, and Tomof, a player as hungry for the Founder’s Tournament as everyone else. After losing to Meziljie in the Winners Finals, Tomof defeated Stoof in the lower bracket finals to pop back up to the grand finals for a rematch. Despite his best efforts, Tomof faced defeat against Meziljie once more in a best-of-three series (2-1). Respected players like Bubbles fought hard through each set, looking to repeat the grudging journey taken by EChang the day before, but unfortunately faltered close to the end.

While his pristine gameplay leads one to believe Meziljie is a long time competitor of the HotG scene, he didn’t actually enter this battlefield until a month or so ago…but don’t let that fool you. This man has steadily built a reputation as a professional card game player through several alternative scenes before finding a home with HotG. A man of few words with gameplay that speaks for itself, the community can expect some head-turning games during HRX in January.



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