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CB 0.21 Patch Notes - Hand of the Gods

May 15, 2017

Today we are announcing the official name change of SMITE Tactics to Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics. SMITE Tactics was always meant to be a working title for our new strategy game set in the SMITE universe, and this name change is one of many steps we are taking to bring the game closer to a finished product with its own identity.


The past 4 months of closed beta put heavy emphasis on content and overall polish added to Hand of the Gods. The Roman and Chinese pantheons were added, each bringing their own strengths and weaknesses to the game. The core gameplay has evolved with the introduction of summoning stones serving as the new primary objective. Hand of the Gods has gone through numerous iterations since the original Closed Alpha, and these major updates, coupled with dozens of brand new minion, god, and spell cards have added more variety and strategic playstyles to each match for players to experiment with.

What’s New

AFK Rules

  • Players will be flagged as “AFK” if they have not taken any actions during their turn. Once the AFK Flag has been placed on a player, their turn timer will be reduced from 90 seconds to 15 seconds unless they perform an action, which would then restore their turn timer to 90 seconds. If the AFK Player does not perform any action during their following three turns then the game will end rewarding the other player the victory.
    • An action consists of the following: Playing a card, moving a unit, selecting a unit, or selecting a card.


  • This patch we have added Emotes to the game! While in-game you will have access these emotes: Good Luck!, You Rock!, Amazing, Good Game, Oops, Curses, Thanks, and Laugh. Every Leader will have their own custom voice lines for each line. You are also able to Mute your opponent by clicking on the White Chat Bubble next to their play name.  

Leader Skins

This patch introduces Leader Skins! These skins are purely cosmetic and feature customized emotes and voice lines. Players are able to unlock these skins by through Core Packs and the crafting system.

  • Celestial Isis
  • Eldritch Ra
  • Heaven’s Rave Zeus
  • Nu Horizons Nu Wa
  • Grim Horseman Guan Yu
  • Torment Bellona
  • Dreadbeard Poseidon
  • Pixel Buster Freya
  • Panda Odin




New Leader

  • Nox (Roman)
    • Legendary, 1/6, Set an Enemy’s attack range to melee until the start of your next turn.

New Cards

  • Apollo (Greek)
    • Rare, 3 Mana, 1/3, Can attack twice per turn.
  • Enrage (Norse)
    • Rare, 3 Mana, Your Leader gains +4/+0 and dies at the end of your turn.
  • Gift of Munin (Norse)
    • Common, 0 Mana, Whenever your Leader attacks, draw a card.
  • Hyena (Neutral)
    • Rare, 2 Mana, 2/2, Gain +1/+1 whenever another Friendly Beast enters the battlefield.
  • Ratatoskr (Norse)
    • Rare, 2 Mana, 2/3, Whenever this unit attacks, deal 1 random damage to an Enemy.
  • Siphon Mind (Chinese)
    • Rare, 2 Mana, Deal 2 Damage to a Leader and draw a card.


  • Improved the visual presentation for Hit Effects.
  • Improved the sound FX for all Leaders in the game.
  • HUD Changes
    • This patch we have added a container for the Combat Log, an Emote button, and we have moved the position of the Enemy’s Leader Ability to no longer block the play space.
  • Improved Card Casting
    • We have made further improvements to Card Casting, providing players with a smoother and more fluid experience when deploying units and casting spells.
  • Victory/Defeat Camera Shot
    • We have added new camera angles to the victory and defeat screen once a match has completed


  • Chaofeng
    • Health increased from 4 to 5.
  • Fury
    • Health increased from 4 to 5.
  • Game Title
    • Game Title changed from SMITE Tactics to Hand of the Gods
  • Sol
    • Increased Mana Cost from 2 to 3.
  • Weakening Curse
    • Now permanent

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to draw Roman Gods from Touch of Midas.
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Rage could not buff your Leader.
  • Fixed an issue where Rain of Arrows would not deal damage to the Sapling or Inferno Cannon.
  • Fixed an issue where Vulcan will have charge if Spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where Leaders would have their cost reset back to 3 after using Appeasement.
  • Fixed an issue where Inferno Cannon could receive the buff from March.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to silence Sun Wukong’s OX form.
  • Fixed an issue where Touch of Midas could not discover Roman Gods
  • Fixed an issue where Book of Thoth would sometimes only discover 2 cards
  • Fixed an issue where even while banished, Janus’ ability would still trigger