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Open Beta 0.31 - The Pumpkin Patch

September 29, 2017

What’s New

Halloween Pack

  • The Halloween Pack will introduce our first set of Limited Edition Skins for Hand of the Gods! These skins feature a new unit model, Special FX, Sound FX, and Card Art.
  • The Halloween Pack will be purchasable for 300 Runes and unlock one of the following with each opened:
    • Grim Mariachi Loki (1 Copy)
    • Jack the Reaper Thanatos (2 Copies)
    • Slaughterhouse Chaac (2 Copies)
    • Feline Fashion Awilix (2 Copies)
    • Limited Edition Pum-Pukin Avatar
    • Limited Edition Vesuvius Card Back
  • Each Halloween Pack opened will unlock a skin, avatar, or card back you have not already unlocked. Halloween Skins are not disenchantable, and will only be available for the duration of the promotion.

Default Avatar

  • This has been changed to match the Hand of the Gods Logo.


  • Players can no longer be matched against the same player twice in a row.
  • New players will now be given a Bonus Pack for completing their first Casual, Arena, and Ranked match. These rewards will also be given retroactively to all active players.
  • From this patch on, all players will receive a free Arena Ticket at level 1 which grants one free entry to the Arena.
  • Ranks will reset with OB 0.31 and are planned to reset every 2 months going forward. This marks the start of our “Open Beta Season” and players can expect ranked rewards to be sent out with each future reset.
  • Arena rewards for 10, 11, and 12 wins have been adjusted.
    • 10 wins: 600 Favor and 2 Core Packs
    • 11 wins: 450 Favor and 3 Core Packs
    • 12 Wins 575 Favor and 3 Core Packs


  • Arachne
    • Cost reduced to 2
    • Attack reduced from 5 to 1.
    • Health reduced from 5 to 2.
    • Spiderling is now type Beast.
  • Lernaean Hydra
    • Now only gains +3/+0 when attacking.
  • Fire Giant
    • No longer has cleave.
  • Blademaster
    • No longer has Warcry: Heal your Summoning Stone for 3.
    • Health reduced from 7 to 6.

Bug Fixes

  • Added Special FX for Bulwark.
  • Sprint can no longer be cast on Pillars.
  • Anhur now properly stops Skadi from activating her Warcry.
  • Anhur now properly stops Sagittarius from activating his Warcry.
  • Illusion now properly clones buffs gained through Sobek’s ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Kumbhakarna was unable to receive attack buffs if silenced before he was reincarnated.
  • Fixed an interaction with Illusion that would kick both players to lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where Satyr Pathfinder was improperly stopping certain Warcry effects.
  • Fixed an issue where units that changed ownership through a spell effect could not have exhaustion removed through other card effects.
  • Fixed an issue where a unit that changed ownership through a spell effect could attack on the same turn.
  • Fixed an issue where spells countered by Pillar of Austerity would not properly remove the mana from the player that casted the spell.
  • Fixed an issue where Cabrakans ability would not trigger if stunned.
  • Fixed an issue where Fenrir’s model would not grow at the end of his owners turn if he had dealt return damage on the opponents.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to challenge each other.
  • Fixed an issue where executing Thor with Thanatos would sometimes kick players back to lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where Illusion would not properly apply effects such as Stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where playing an auto-cast card while an animation was playing would put the card in an uncastable state.