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Open Beta 0.33 Patch Notes - Cursed Dragon

October 25, 2017

What’s New

New Cards

  • Cursed Dragon – Norse
    • Ranged Unit, God, 7 Mana, 4/5, Legendary
    • Warcry: Poison all units on target column leaving a poison pool on tiles without units. Units that end their turn on these tiles are poisoned.
  • Fafnir – Norse
    • Melee Unit, God, 3 Mana, 5/5, Epic
    • If Fafnir is including in your deck, you can not play cards that cost 5 or more.

OB 0.33 Gauntlets

Weekday Gauntlet 1: Mortality

  • Players can only use decks that include only cards from the Neutral Pantheon.
  • 8 Wins Rewards:
    • 2 Core Packs
    • 100 Favor
    • Cutesy Medusa

Weekday Gauntlet 2: Grand Melee

  • Players can only queue with decks that have Spells and Melee Units. No Ranged units are allowed.
  • 8 Wins Rewards:
    • 2 Core Packs
    • 100 Favor
    • Cutesy Thor

Weekend Gauntlet 1: Pantheon Wars

  • Players can only queue with decks that have ALL Greek or Roman Cards. All other pantheons are not allowed in this queue, nor are neutral cards.
  • 8 Wins Rewards:
    • 3 Core Packs
    • 150 Favor
    • Cutesy Arachne

Weekend Gauntlet 2: Triple Thread

  • Map includes only three rows of playable tiles. All normal decks are allowed.
  • 8 Wins Rewards:
    • 3 Core Packs
    • 150 Favor
    • Cutesy Neith

User Interface Updates

This patch will feature our first pass of User Interface updates for better clarity and readability across all platforms. After receiving feedback from multiple players on Laptops, smaller resolution monitors, and consoles, we have made adjustments to both the menus and in-game HUD to increase the legibility of card text without hampering gameplay elements. The User Interface will still see adjustments in future updates, and we will be taking feedback from all our players on further improvements and tweaks that we can make. Be sure to share your thoughts on our official Twitter, Facebook, and Discord Channels!

Deck Builder and Collection

  • Increased the size of selected cards.
  • Replaced model viewer with larger preview for all card types.
  • Reduced the number of cards per page by 2.
  • Improved card counter with better indication of how many of a specific card is already in your deck.


  • New in-game UI art treatment
  • The playable grid is now always visible.
  • New mana count treatment with larger sizing.
  • Deck tracker and taunts have been moved under the menu in the top left.


  • FOV has been tightened to give a more up close view of the board.


Card Text

  • Cleaned up various card text descriptions for better clarity
    • Athena, Bacchus, Bull Demon King, Pillar of Exile


  • Aspect of Life
    • Cost increased from 2 to 4.

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