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Tactics Cup 5 - Stoof's Domination Continues

March 13, 2017

This past weekend the SMITE Tactics Weekly Cups continued with the fifth installment. The latest Patch, The Scales of Victory, saw all Neutral Spells moved into various Pantheons giving players only a few days to test and prepare their decks before doing battle on the Grid. Once again it was Stoof who came out on top 3-1 over Baconator2245, marking his second tournament win after only entering two of the five! After winning the first Tactics Cup, Baconator2245 was able to finally make an appearance in the finals again, but was unable to match up to the undefeated Stoof.

Tournament Brackets

1st. Stoof
2nd. Baconator2245
3rd. echang
4th. Niozik

Winning Deck List

Players can only bring three total decks to each tournament, all from different Pantheons. Which Pantheons and Leader you select is vital to your tournament run, since you are unable to switch any cards once the tournament as started. This week Stoof prepared a Zeus, Isis, and Freya deck leaving out Chinese. Stoof has been known for his incredibly calculated and meticulous planning of each turn, almost always using up every bit of time he has. His decks this week all put some emphasis on card draw mechanics, which haven’t been as valued in past tournaments. His Zeus ran Arges x2, Isis had Ward x2, Departed Warriors x2, and a Dying Wish (the only player to run it). His Freya deck ran both Valhalla’s Sorcery x2 and Valhalla’s Blessing x2. With all his decks having various counters making sure to draw into those was critical to his plan. We were able to grab a quote from Stoof about his Deck Strategy:

The decks all contain fewer expensive power cards than you might expect and instead focus on early game board control and card draw. The plan after that varies. Freya tries to win with a burst of damage, Zeus wants Nike to hit you with a deathbringer equiped and Isis just wants to keep her creatures alive and control the board through the entire game.



Tournament Finals

The finals were incredible with a few missed opportunities from Baconator2245 to capitalize, allowing Stoof to come back into some games he might not have won. If you would like to watch the finals, each link goes directly to the game!

Game 1 – Stoof (Zeus) vs Baconator2245 (Freya)
Game 2 – Stoof (Freya) vs Baconator2245 (Ra)
Game 3 – Stoof (Zeus) vs Baconator2245 (Ra)
Game 4 – Stoof (Isis) vs Baconator2245 (Zeus)

Wrap Up

There have been a total of 62 different players compete in the 5 Tactics Weekly Cups. Their tournament placements have been tracked and complied into the current top 8!

    • 1st: 10 Points
    • 2nd: 8 Points
    • 3rd-4th: 6 Points
    • 5th-8th: 4 Points
    • 9th-16th: 2 Points
    • 17th+: 1 Point
Total Points Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
34 baconator2245 10 6 4 6 8
30 MurderYourEgo 8 6 8 4 4
24 Imbalyte 4 10 10
20 Stoof 10 10
16 BillyBobBacon 2 8 2 4
16 Niozik 6 2 2 6
15 Namacil 6 4 1 2 2
12 ahhhell 2 6 4


  • Credits to player CookieSich (AllHailLordRuss on reddit), who complied the most common cards run in the tournament!

Be sure to check out all the action next week on, and follow the @SMITETactics twitter account to stay up to date with new information!