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Venus Competitors Pack On Sale Now!

July 7, 2017

Venus Competitor’s Pack

Unleash your Army! – Unlock a swarm of Neutral Units: 2 Copies of Accensus, Chaofeng, Departed Warrior, Surtr, Arges, Decrepit Bowman, Gallus, Imperial Archer, Oogway, Hyena, the Epic Blademaster, Epic Bull Demon King, and Epic Sagittarius. Plus 1 Legendary Fire Giant, the Legendary Roman Goddess Venus, 10 Additional Core Packs, the #1 Icon and Competitor’s Card Back, and the Exclusive Venus Skin for Aphrodite in SMITE.

Hand of the Gods is now officially launching the Venus Competitors Packs along with the Venus Aphrodite skin in SMITE. The Venus Competitors Pack will help you quickly build your Army in Hand of the Gods, unlocking over 25 Cards directly, including the Legendary Venus and Fire Giant, an additional 50 Cards from Core Packs, and more. The Venus Competitors Pack is launching with a limited time offer of 25% off, and can be purchased directly from our STORE PAGE for only $14.99!

Unlock the following in HAND OF THE GODS: SMITE TACTICS

  • Unlock Legendary Roman Goddess Venus
  • Unlock the Legendary Neutral Unit Fire Giant
  • 2 Copies of the following Neutral Commons
    • Accensus x2
    • Chaofeng x2
    • Departed Warrior x2
    • Surtr x2
  • 2 Copies of the following Neutral Rares
    • Arges x2
    • Decrepit Bowman x2
    • Gallus x2
    • Imperial Archer x2
    • Oogway x2
    • Hyena x2
  • 2 Copies of the following Neutral Epics
    • Blademaster x2
    • Bull Demon King x2
    • Sagittarius x2
  • Unlock 10 Additional Core Packs
  • Unlock the #1 Icon
  • Unlock the Competitor’s Card Back

Unlock the following in SMITE

  • Unlock the Venus skin for Aphrodite in SMITE

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