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Win Money Playing Tactics Starting this Weekend!

May 10, 2017

Over the past few months, we have run regular Weekly Cups for SMITE Tactics on the weekends. Today, I’m happy to announce these Weekly Tournaments will now be funded while still in Beta! SMITE Tactics has gone through numerous changes throughout our beta process, and the team is excited to now give those players who have been invested with us since the beginning, and the new players coming in, a way to earn money while playing our game. The prizing will begin immediately, starting with the SMITE Tactics Weekly Cup 13, where signups can be found here:


1st: $100
2nd: $60
3rd: $40
4th: 7 Card Packs
5th-16th: 1 Card Pack

Weekly Tournament Dates and Times

SMITE Tactics Weeklies are double elimination tournaments held every Saturday, starting at 11:00am EDT. You can find the full information and signup form each week in the Tournament Discord:

Broadcast Times

Tournaments are broadcast every Wednesday, 4:00pm EDT or after Patch Notes have finished.
Games are broadcasted on

Dreamhack Valencia Qualifiers

SMITE Tactics will be going to Valencia, Spain for Dreamhack from July 13th-16th to hold a 4-Man tournament live on our Esports Stage! Two players will earn trips through a qualifying process in June, including Flight and Hotel accommodations, and two more players will qualify through an open bracket tournament at the Valencia Venue. More information about both the qualifiers, and the open bracket, will be coming in the next few weeks.



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