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Get 10 Core Packs FREE with Twitch Prime!

January 26, 2018

Bomb King brings gifts to Hand of the Gods! Claim the Twitch Prime King Bomb skin and get 10 FREE Core Packs!

Here’s how to claim your free Twitch Prime loot:

  • Create a Twitch Prime account:
  • Link your Twitch account and Hi-Rez account:
    • Head over to our website and link your accounts here.
    • If you’re on Xbox or PlayStation, you will also need to link your Microsoft or Sony account with your Hi-Rez account.
  • Claim your free Twitch Prime loot starting January 11:
    • Navigate to the top right of Twitch and look for a white crown icon labeled “Prime Loot.” Scroll until you find the Primal Prowler and Twitch Prime King bundle, and claim your loot.
  • Enjoy your FREE 10 Core Packs!

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