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Hand of the Gods will be Releasing on February 20, 2018!

February 9, 2018

After over a year and a half of active development, Hand of the Gods is officially releasing! February 20, 2018 will mark the end of our beta testing phase on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 as Hand of the Gods undergoes its full release.

Throughout the Beta process, the Hand of the Gods team has listened closely to its community and, upon release, will introduce a number of exciting features to make the game accessible to everyone. New and current players will still be able to unlock content in Hand of the Gods by playing for free and opening Core Packs, or can now purchase Pantheon Core Sets, which will grant players access to all cards currently within a particular Pantheon.

Each Pantheon Core Set, which will contain over 40 cards each, can be purchased individually for 400 Runes, and include 2 copies of every Common, Rare, and Epic card, along with 1 copy of every Legendary card in the Pantheon from the Core Set. The Neutral Pantheon Set, which will contain over 80 cards, can be purchased individually for 600 Runes and includes 2 copies of every Common, Rare, and Epic card, as well as 1 copy of every Legendary card from the Neutral set of cards.

For immediate access to even more cards, the Core Set Bundle will now be available for $19.99 that grants players access to all current cards from the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, and Neutral Pantheon Core Sets. Players that own the Founder’s Pack or Venus Competitor’s Pack will receive the Core Set Bundle for free when it becomes available!

Players will experience the same level of highly exciting gameplay upon the game’s release. There will be multiple game modes for players to explore and conquer:

  • Versus: The Casual and Ranked queues will now be combined, allowing rank progression as soon as you start the game.
  • Challenge: Face off against your friends and put your deck building skills to the test.
  • Arena: Players will construct a 25-card deck by going through rounds of selecting one of three presented cards.
  • The Gauntlet: Fun game modes will cycle on a daily basis that will allow players to do constructed play with decks limited by special rules.
  • Training: Play through the tutorial to learn the basics of Hand of the Gods, or test your experimental deck against our AI.

Players that have bought Runes will receive bonus Runes to return their total to the amount purchased during the Beta. These players will also keep all content purchased with their Runes! This means that you can use your Runes to purchase new Cosmetic and Gold Packs that allow players to obtain items such as Card Backs, Avatar Icons, and Golden Cards.

Players will be granted access to the new release changes on PC beginning on February 12th. Console players will be able to do the same beginning on February 19th. On these dates, the Founder’s Pack will no longer be available for purchase on the respective platforms, but the Core Set Bundle will take its place.

With the full release of Hand of the Gods, the team will be closely monitoring balance between the Pantheons and bug fixes. For full details on everything coming with the game’s release will be available next week.

What happens to my current collection?
  • Nothing! Any cards and content unlocked during beta will be retained on your account.
What do you mean by the “Core Set?”
  • The Core Set consists of all cards currently in the game upon Hand of the Gods’ official release on February 20, 2018. The Core Set Bundle, Pantheon Core Sets, and Neutral Core Set will exclusively offer access to this set of cards, known as the “Core Set.”
What exactly am I receiving with the Core Set Bundle?
  • For a full list of cards included in the Neutral Set and the Pantheon Set included in the Core Set Bundle, see the upcoming blog post titled “Pantheon Core Set Contents.”
I previously purchased Runes, what is happening with them?
  • If you purchased Runes, you will receive Bonus Runes that will bring your total to the amount that you purchased during the beta period, while also retaining any cards in their Collection. Runes can then be used to purchase Pantheon Core Sets or the new Cosmetic and Gold Packs.
Will there be rewards for climbing the Ranks?
  • Yes, there will be two-month Ranked “season” reset cycles that will allow players to receive rewards based on their Rank at the end of the season. This will include exclusive Card Backs only available to players that reach Rank 1.
Will the game be free-to-play on all platforms?
  • Yes, with the game’s release, players will be able to play the game for free on all platforms, or purchase the Pantheon Core Sets or Core Set Bundle to unlock cards instantly.

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