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Open Beta 0.34 Patch Notes - Fate and Time

November 9, 2017

New Cards

  • Chronos (Greek)
    • Ranged unit, God, 5 mana, 4/4, Epic
    • Player turns last 20 seconds.
  • Xing Tian (Chinese)
    • Melee unit, God, 5 mana, 2/4, Rare
    • Warcry: Deploy an axe. Friendly units that end their turn on it gain +4/+4 and consume it.
  • Aftershock (Chinese)
    • Spell, 2 mana, Rare
    • Deal 2 damage to an enemy unit. If the unit is Stunned, deal 5 instead.
  • Beckoning Strike (Chinese)
    • Spell, 3 mana, Rare
    • Deal 2 damage and spawn a random 2 cost unit.
  • Caldera Nova (Roman)
    • Spell, 6 mana, Epic
    • Explode all Lava tiles dealing 1 damage to adjacent enemies. If this card is included in your deck, the match starts with two Lava tiles on the battlefield.
  • Equalize (Hindu)
    • Spell, 3 mana, Common
    • Draw a card from your deck and from your opponent’s deck.
  • Gift of the Nile (Egyptian)
    • Spell, 1 mana, Common
    • Give a friendly unit Afterlife: spawn a 1/1 version of this unit.
  • Power Delve (Roman)
    • Spell, 7 mana, Rare
    • Discover a unit that costs 7 or more and reduce its cost to 0.
  • Recursive Vitality (Chinese)
    • Spell, 1 mana, Common
    • Give a God +1/+0. When you play a God, return this card from your graveyard.
  • Soul Bind (Hindu)
    • Spell, 3 mana, Common
    • Select two units that cost 4 or less. When one dies, the other dies.
  • Voice of Eternity (Egyptian)
    • Spell, 1 mana, Common
    • Discover a card with Afterlife.

New Holiday Pack

Get ready for the Winter Holidays with the Hand of the Gods Holiday Pack! The Holiday pack will replace the Halloween Pack in the store on all platforms with the release of OB 0.34. The pack includes Limited Edition Skins for Hand of the Gods, featuring a new unit model, Special FX, Sound FX, and Card Art. In addition to unit skins, the Holiday Pack includes exclusive Leader skins for Ah Puch and Nu Wa, along with two Limited Edition Holiday Avatars, and a Holiday Card Back!

Each Holiday Pack opened will unlock a skin, avatar, or card back you have not already unlocked (Gods skins will award 2 copies). Holiday Skins are not disenchantable, and will only be available for the duration of the promotion.The Holiday Pack will be purchasable for 200 Runes and unlock one of the following with each opened:

  • Nu Wa Leader Skin – Nice and Naughty
  • Ah Puch Leader Skin – Nutcromancer
  • Geb God Skin – Snowman
  • Ratatoskr God Skin – Festive
  • Fenrir God Skin – Wreck the Halls
  • Holiday Avatar – Ruderp
  • Holiday Avatar – Pupresent Kaldr
  • Holiday Card Back

New Gauntlets

  • Weekday Gauntlet 1: Time Shift
    • Player turns last 30 seconds.
    • 8 Wins Rewards:
      • 2 Core Packs
      • 100 Favor
      • Cutesy Fafnir
  • Weekday Gauntlet 2: Colossal
    • Decks can only include cards that cost 5 or more. Players start with 5 mana.
    • 8 Wins Rewards:
      • 2 Core Packs
      • 100 Favor
      • Cutesy Merdusa
  • Weekend Gauntlet 1: Sharing is Caring
    • Player’s draw from their opponent’s deck. Decks must include at least 15 unit cards.
    • 8 Wins Rewards:
      • 3 Core Packs
      • 150 Favor
      • Cutesy Ah Muzen Cab
  • Weekend Gauntlet 2: Highlander
    • Players can only have one copy per card in their deck.
    • 8 Wins Rewards:
      • 3 Core Packs
      • 150 Favor
      • Cutesy Zhong Kui
  • Only decks created from your collection and meeting the deck requirements will be eligible for use in the Gauntlet. This must be done before entering the queue.
  • Rewards will be granted to players who achieve 8 wins.
  • Monday at 5am EDT – Friday at 5am EDT players will be able to access two weekday gauntlets.
  • Friday at 5am EDT – Monday at 5am EDT players will be able to access two weekend gauntlets.
  • After a player has won or lost a specific gauntlet type, they will not be able to enter that same gauntlet again until the daily cooldown resets at 5am EDT.


  • Halloween Pack
    • The Halloween Pack will be turning off with OB 0.34, this is players last chance to get the limited edition Skins, Avatar, and Card Back:
      • Grim Mariachi Loki (1 Copy)
      • Jack the Reaper Thanatos (2 Copies)
      • Slaughterhouse Chaac (2 Copies)
      • Feline Fashion Awilix (2 Copies)
      • Limited Edition Pum-Pukin Avatar
      • Limited Edition Vesuvius Card Back
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Challenge Matches
    • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Players will  be receiving Challenge Matches, so you can play against your friends!
  • UI Improvements
    • We have made further tweaks and improvements to the in-game UI
  • Card Text Updates (Spawn)
    • Spawned Units will now always spawn in random tile adjacent to your summoning stone.


  • Ascension
    • Gods returned to your hand now cost 1 less.
  • Bacchus
    • Cost reduced to 3
    • Attack reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Health reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Blood Bond
    • Enemy unit killed now leaves behind a friendly Zombie.
  • Death From Above
    • Now leaves behind a friendly Zombie.
  • Kaldr
    • Now only gains +1/+0 while Skadi is in play.
  • Lernaean Hydra
    • 6 mana 5/5
    • Heals to full at the end of each turn. Whenever this unit deals damage it gains +1/+0.
  • Pillar of Fortitude
    • Cost increased from 2 to 3.
    • Health increased from 3 to 4.
  • Pillar of Patience
    • Health reduced from 7 to 5.
  • Poisonous Hydra
    • Cost increased from 4 to 5
    • Attack increased from 4 to 5.
  • Runestone of Ire
    • Cost increased to 4.
  • Raise the Grave
    • Now gives +2/+2 to all friendly Zombies.
  • Tusky
    • Attack reduced from 4 to 3
  • Ymir
    • Health reduced from 6 to 5.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a final step in order of operations to end all end of turn effects properly.
  • Added Cursed Dragon’s Poison Pools to the combat log.
  • Ao Kuang’s bonus Spell Damage no longer applies to Fatigue Damage.
  • Blade Forge effect no longer triggers during death animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Aspect of Life was drawing a card if you had no other cards in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fortitude was not granting +0/+2 to Pillar of Patience, Pillar of Parity, and Pillar of Retribution.
  • Fixed an issue with where the Poisonous card would not properly deal damage if its Mana cost was increased.
  • Fixed an issue where Rapacious Satyrs ability was activating before instantaneous warcries (such as Poseidon).
  • Gauntlet wins will now properly progress quests.
  • Phantom Grasp now properly pauses the Turn Timer during its animation.
  • Siege Master can now only target enemy structures with his Warcry.

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